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Why Rent with a Professional?

Eagle River Rental Property Brokerage

Family on pier in Northern WisconsinRental income is much more appealing when you don’t have to clean bathrooms to earn it.

Delivering the best rental experience requires unbridled passion for property management, and let’s be honest, you’ve never exuded excitement catering to someone else’s vacation requests while you’re stuck at the office.

At Conger Brokerage Services, we specialize in renting exquisite Wisconsin lake homes and vacation properties. We’ll take the cleaning, paperwork and late-night phone calls off your plate, and replace the hassle with consistent rental income from a stream of life-long lovers of the up-north experience.

Our dedication to providing the luxury of a five-star hotel, in the familiarity of multi-generational homes has produced a throng of perfect reviews and a roster of satisfied owners.

Call us now to learn more about the benefits of professional management from Conger Brokerage Services.